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Rapid and Definitive Fluency

At EON UPTIME you learn real English without memorization. It's because here you learn to think in the language. In other words, in any situation or at any time, you will have English on the tip of your tongue. The course is short-term with lifelong learning.  

100% Flexible Class Times

Not available on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, or Tuesday or Thursday. At EON UPTIME, schedules are agreed upon each week. If you are available on Tuesday, OK. Class will be on Tuesday. Only EON UPTIME has the availability for individual scheduling, and of course, a huge number of class times available.

The Beginning of Class on Any Day of the Year

Want to start learning now? Great! Just get in touch with us. Because the EON UPTIME method is individualized, you can enroll at any time. After all, if you’re looking for success, there’s no time to lose, is there? 

100% Conversation

For your best learning, you are put into real day-to-day situations. And because you won’t be using your native language in the classroom, you end up practicing English in a natural way, with no inhibitions and with fluency in the most diverse situations. Cool, isn’t it? 


Innovative Methodology

English by neurolinguistics and mnemonics. These two words are a little difficult, but what they stand for is the simplicity and ease of learning English.

Neurolinguistics is the scientific basis for natural learning that leads you to think of another language. Mnemonics are techniques that strengthen learning in order to be definitive. 

Neurolinguistics and mnemonics are forms of teaching that will give you fluency and safety for you to read, hear, speak and write in English.  


Groups with a maximum of 10 students

Chatting, or rather conversation, is essential for you to learn English. In larger classrooms, many people turn their attention to parallel conversations, which may even be entertaining, but not always fruitful.

For this reason, EON UPTIME has a maximum of ten students per class. So you stay focused and learn more effectively. 


Exclusive teaching material

You want the best, don’t you? The College course, since it has an exclusive teaching method, also has unique teaching materials, specially prepared for you to develop your English quickly and objectively.
Now reading an article or a watching a movie in English is always welcome! 


Designed for those above 18 years of age

Suitable for those who know what they want in life.

Recommended for those who want to grow. Recommended for those who are in a hurry, but don’t want to sacrifice quality. Recommended for those who are not fluent yet, but want to listen, read, speak and write in another language as if it were their native language.

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